Neoliberalism is Destroying the Third Wave of Democracy

Harris A. Samad    We hear about financial bailouts in developing countries from the IMF on a regular basis; Argentina, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and countless others. Such countries often spent decades or centuries under brutal, exploitative colonial rule from Europe. Despite this, many post-colonial countries have made astonishing strides in democratic development since they gained “independence” […]


The Silver Lining on Brexit: It’s the Institutions, Stupid.

Jennifer Raymond Dresden, Ph.D.  The hand-wringing over Brexit continues apace. With reports of preparatory stockpiling, previously-secure immigrants scrambling for new residency status, and a British public that remains (no pun intended) deeply divided on the best course forward, there seems very little good news coming from our friends across the pond these days.   On top […]


Popular Consultation in East Timor: Voting Over Violence Determines Sovereignty – But Justice is Fleeting

By Jeff Fischer August 30 is the 20th anniversary of the voting in East Timor for the country’s independence from Indonesia.  The balloting was termed the Popular Consultation and was mandated under the Agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and the Portuguese Republic on the Question of East Timor, signed on May 5, 1999 by […]