Call for Submissions

Are you a professor, student, or professional who often ponders democracy, governance and society? Do you have a critical perspective on current events in relation to these themes? If so, submit to Democracy & Society online and have your work published! Submissions on current topics, such as the anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong, Sudan’s uprisings... Continue Reading →

The Case for Cutting Black Budget Appropriations

By Jared Kelly  The United States can improve budget transparency and reduce interstate inventions by declassifying the Department of Defense (DOD) “black budget” in times of peace. In May 2009 at a Five Guys burger Franchise in Washington President Barack Obama had an encounter with a contractor for the National Geospatial intelligence Agency (NGA). In... Continue Reading →

Conspiracism and the Rise of Post-Truth Politics

by Gabriel Hearn-Desautels In the United States, presidential announcements are replete with claims that the liberal media is secretly attempting to undermine the Trump Administration, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is really in the pocket of the Clintons, and that Democrats inflated the death count from Hurricane Maria in order to make the President look... Continue Reading →

Civility, Conflict, and Democracy

By Avram Reisman Recently, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib faced a barrage of criticism from pundits and the media for her plans to “impeach the motherf*****” referring to President Trump. Also recently, continuing his campaign tactic of name-calling as President, Mr. Trump called a Democratic member of Congress “little Adam Schitt”. And before both of these incidents,... Continue Reading →

An Anatomy of Corruption: Haiti

By Georges A. Fauriol The past decade has convincingly brought to a close a period of global democratic growth and consolidation underway since the late 1970s – Samuel Huntington’s “third wave.”  We have instead now witnessed twelve years of democratic decline. This is fueled by the resurgence of expansionist authoritarianism armed with a vision strategically... Continue Reading →

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