D&S Volume 19: Democracy and Crises

The new issue of Democracy and Society (Vol. 19) is now available. The issue is dedicated to the topic of Trust and Governance, Democracy and Fragility, and Inequality and Corruption and includes a lead article by Daniel Brumberg from Georgetown University.

Individual Articles:

Reflections on Georgetown University’s Democracy and Governance MA Program

Liberal Democracy in Crisis: Evidence from Three Reports and Some Reflections

The Nexus of Corruption and Democratic Backsliding

The American Crossroads: Political Frustration after January 6

Lessons from Sri Lanka’s Constitutional Reform

West Africa’s ‘Comeback Coups’: Tying the Democracy Cause Up with the Military Cause

The Illiberal Turn and Quasi- Militant Democracy Measures During the Coronavirus Crisis in the Czech Republic

Kyrgyzstan, COVID, & Civil Society: The Case for Crisis Journalism in an Unstable Democracy

Democracy 2.0: Resilience and Adaptability Built on the Neuroscience of Feeling

Book Review: Citizenship in Hard Times: How Ordinary People Respond to Democratic Threat by Sara Wallace Goodman