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The journal welcomes unsolicited submissions for its blog from academics and professionals with expertise in political theory, governance, democracy, and civil society. Every submission will be reviewed by the journal’s staff, which will communicate a decision within a few weeks. If accepted, submissions will be edited by the staff and returned to the author for their review.

Submission Guidelines 
Submissions must be typed in Word or Google Docs and should not exceed 2,500 words. References can appear as hyperlinks within the text or as numbered Chicago-style endnotes. Please include a short, 2-3 sentence biography and subject line in your email. If you wish to include a header image, please indicate the source and, if you do not own the image, ensure that it is available for reposting.

How to Submit
All submissions should be emailed as attachments (or shareable links, if using Google Docs) to Democracy and Society at