Call for Papers: Democracy & Society Vol. 15 (2017-18)

The Democracy and Governance Program at Georgetown University is seeking well-written, interesting submissions of 1,500 – 2,000 words for the 2017-18 edition of its publication — Democracy & Society. The submissions can be new publications, summaries, excerpts of recently completed research, book reviews, and works in progress. Graduate and undergraduate submissions are both accepted. Submissions for this issue will be due by January 19, 2018. Please email all submissions along with a brief author’s bio to

This issue will have a focus on Democracy, Nationalism, and Populism and we are seeking articles that address the following themes:

  1. Democracy Assistance and Populist Nationalism

How does the rise of right-wing populist and ethno-nationalist political parties in Western democracies impact democracy assistance?  Do right-wing populist and ethno-nationalist political parties have a common approach towards democracy promotion? How are the relations between autocratic powers and consolidated democracies affected by the significant presence of populist political parties?

  1. Established Democracies and Nationalism

Why have populist and nationalist political parties and movements risen in consolidated democracies? What does the rise of nationalism and populism indicate about consolidated democracies? Does populist nationalism pose a serious threat to consolidated democracies? How have democratic institutions and actors responded to populist nationalism?

  1. Populism in Developing Countries

Is the developing world experiencing a rise in populism and nationalism? If so, what are its causes? How has the global rise of populist nationalism impacted hybrid regimes and unconsolidated democracies? How and why do autocratic regimes influence the rise of populism in developing countries? Have there been instances of populist nationalist emulation or diffusion?

  1. Democracy, Nationalism and Populism

Why do some democracies produce right wing populism while others produce left wing populism? Is liberal democracy compatible with populism and nationalism? How do new technologies influence populist and nationalist movements? Under what conditions do nationalist and populist social movements successfully support nationalist and populist political parties? Has mass immigration contributed to the rise of right wing populism?

Variations on these themes, as well as research that is relevant to these aforementioned themes, will be accepted.

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