Call for Papers: Democracy & Society Vol. 17 (2019-20)

Published by Georgetown University

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The Democracy and Governance Program at Georgetown University is seeking well-written, interesting submissions of 1,500 – 2,000 words for the 2019-20 edition of its publication — Democracy & Society. The submissions can be new publications, summaries, excerpts of recently completed research, book reviews, and works in progress. Graduate and undergraduate submissions are also accepted. Submissions for this issue will be due by January 8, 2020. Please email all submissions along with a brief author’s bio to

This issue will have a focus on Resistance and Retaliation and we are seeking articles that address the following themes:

  1. Civil Protests in States  

Is it important to protest? Why or why not? How can dissidents effectively shape regulations on freedom of expression and association? How are governments responding to protest and how might this be changing? How do governments act toward groups or individuals that are perceived to be likely dissidents? 

  1. Dissidence and Global Governance 

How effective are internationally-coordinated protests in changing national policies?  How have diasporic populations used international norms to affect change in their country of origin, particularly in illiberal or authoritarian regimes? How do illiberal regimes limit space for dissidence across their borders? How do international politics shape space for freedom of expression on national, regional, and/or global levels? 

  1. Freedom of Expression in Transnational Arenas 

How do protests manifest in relation to transnational arenas such as the global economy, the natural environment, or the Internet? How can dissidence in these arenas shape the international order? Do these spaces foster or restrict freedom of expression? 

Variations on these themes, as well as research that is relevant to these aforementioned themes, will be considered. 

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