Write for Us

The global health crisis that the novel coronavirus has brought is forcing us to reevaluate and reflect on aspects of governance and society in significant and possibly era-defining ways. Democracy & Society Online is seeking well written and engaging submissions of approximately 800 – 2000 words that explore variations on one or more of the following themes: 

  1. Political Reform and Processes: How has COVID-19 affected ongoing political reforms and relevant movements? What new issues in the policies and procedures of governance are being raised due to the pandemic? How has the response of governments to this crisis affected the perception of key issues in politics and governance? 
  1. Global Economy: As globalization has fueled the emergence of a highly integrated worldwide economy, the impact of a global pandemic has served a blow to its everyday reality. Issues of manufacturing, consumption, labor, and management are challenging economic actors and governments everywhere. What are the obstacles or opportunities that lay in the field of political economy as we continue to tackle the novel coronavirus? 
  1. Contained and Isolated Communities: Rural communities, assisted living/long-term healthcare facilities, and prisons are emerging as the most highly-concentrated sites of COVID-19 infections. How are these communities being affected by it? What are their needs and conditions, and how are they being responded to? What are the political and societal implications of the intrusion of COVID-19 into these communities? What pre-existing or newly emergent  issues of rights, infrastructure, and accountability are being raised due to the invasion of the pandemic into these highly susceptible population groups?

For submission guidelines, please visit: https://democracyandsociety.net/submissions/  

Please include a short bio of the author when sending submissions to democracyandsociety@gmail.com